Concrete Sandblasting

Architectural Finish and Design

At Strong Arm Sandblasting we provide the extremely popular light to medium architectural sandblasted finish for that stunning flat look on pool decks, patios, walkways and driveways!

Whether your flatwork concrete calls for uniform appearance, pattern or design we blast it all. Check out our work in use everyday in many locations downtown Kelowna such as Bernard Ave, Yacht Club, Stuart Park, Innovation Center, Interior Health and many more.

Concrete Repairs – Under Exposed Aggregate, Blend Concrete Finishing

Having an issue with an under exposed aggregate finish, heavy trowel marks, strange curing and coloring?
Likely we can fix or mitigate the the offsetting appearance to a more suitable condition.

Remove Paint and Sealers from Concrete

If it’s time to remove old sealers or paint, we do that too.

After the sandblasting process, the old coatings are removed and the concrete is now prepared for the fresh coatings.
Through this process a little more traction is also now present on those slippery driveways, walkways and pool decks!
We can removed coatings from broom finished concrete, exposed concrete, stamped concrete, previously sandblasted concrete and anything in between.