Sandblast and Epoxy Coat Swimming Pools

Blistered? Faded? Chipped? Chalking? Too many coats of old paint to count?
Strong Arm Sandblasting will remove the aged or failed coatings from your concrete swimming pool to start with a fresh base for your next coating.

Sandblasting not only removes the old coatings but also etches the concrete much more effectively than grinding or power washing; creating the perfect surface for new pool paint, tile work, patches or epoxy coatings to adhere to.

If you don’t want to paint the pool yourself, we also provide services to apply commercial grade high solid epoxy coatings back onto your newly cleaned and etched concrete pool.

The Process:

  • Contact Strong Arm Sandblasting for a free estimate
  • A Written or Emailed Quote will be provided
  • Any questions or concerns will be discussed
  • Home Owner drains pool
  • Strong Arm will prepare pool for sandblasting
  • Drains, skimmers, jets, lights, tiles, etc are masked and/or covered

Sandblasting process begins with our backyard friendly portable commercial unit

Once sandblasting is complete a general cleanup is included to pickup the majority of sandblasting media to be disposed of

When weather permits, the pool is then prepped for paint.
Drains, skimmers, jets, lights, tiles, etc are masked and/or covered once again

24-48 hours after the first coat the second coat is applied.
Allow paint to cure for a minimum of 5 days (weather dependant)

Fill and enjoy!